Here we capture important works from the educational practice in the Sunday Schools to the educational theories of Angus MacLean, Professor of Religious Education at the Theological School of St. Lawrence University 1928-1951.

List of Early American Universalist Religious Education Materials compiled by Frank Robertson, 2000.

Guide to Salvation: Universalist Sunday School Lessons from 1840-1870 by Rev. Lisa M.S. Friedman

A Gospel Catechism for Sunday Schools by Albert St. John Chambre, 1869.

Excerpt of Universalists at Ferry Beach A History by Katherine Augusta Sutton and Robert Francis Needham, 1948, Universalist Publishing House, Boston, MA, preface and Chapter 1.

From The Unitarian Register and The Universalist Leader, 1961, Is Our Religious Education Religious? It Reflects Faith in Man and the Future by Dorothy T. Spoerl.

The Method Is the Message by Angus H. MacLean.

Evaluation of Trends and Developments in Our Religious Education Program by Angus H. MacLean, an address delivered at the 123rd Annual Meeting of the Unitarian Sunday School Society, 1950.

From May, 1960 issue of the Universalist Leader, for the Division of Education, Council of Liberal Churches: Home Patterns in Religious Teachings by Angus H. MacLean.

Excerpts of FOLLOW THE GLEAM A History of the Liberal Religious Youth Movements by Wayne Arnason, Skinner House, 1980 - Introduction, Foundations, and Missionary Work

Excerpt from Remember Universalism Into Life, An 8 Week Adult Discussion Series for Unitarian Universalist Societies by Rev. Raymond R. Nasemann and Rev. Elizabeth M. Strong, second printing 1995, pp i-viii.

From the journal Liberal Religious Education, #4, Spring, 1990, pp. 62-64, MacLean's Way: Living the Lessons of Whiskey Flats by Eugene Navias.

The Galloping Gospel According to Angus Hector MacLean, John Murray lecture at UUA General Assembly in Spokane, WA, 1995, given by Richard S. Gilbert.



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