We will highlight the luminous figures whose leadership inspired the work of many. Some of these include John Murray's fateful arrival on the shores of New Jersey, "Father" Hosea Ballou's missionary zeal throughout New England, Olympia Brown's zeal as the first denominationally ordained woman minister in the U.S., Joseph F. Jordan's work in Norfolk, Virginia combining ministry, school principal, and publishing of a paper for African American Universalists, and many others! As we fill in these biographies from the past, we will also include contemporary oral histories compiled from interviews with recent Universalist leaders, such as Gordon "Bucky" McKeeman.


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Atwood, Isaac (1838-1917)

Ballou, Hosea (1771-1852)

Ballou, Adin (1803-1890)

Ballou, Hosea 2nd (1771-1852)

Barton, Clara

Boehme, Jakob

Brown, Olympia (1835-1926) became the first woman to be ordained by any denomination in the United States.  She was ordained on June 25th,1863 as a Universalist minister.

Cassara, Ernest

Chapin, Augusta Jane

Chapin, Edwin (1814-1880)

Cone, Orello

Cook, Maria

Cummins, Robert (1897-1982)

Davis Family

Dean, Paul

de Benneville, George (1703-1793)

Denck, Hans

Farmer, Fannie

Jenkins, Lydia

Jordan, Joseph Fletcher

Kapp, Max Adolph

Kneeland, Abner

Livermore, Daniel

Livermore, Mary

Loveland, Samuel

MacLean, Angus

Murray, John (1741-1815)

Page, Lucius

Patton, Kenneth Leo

Potter, Thomas

Reamon, Ellsworth C.

Relly, James

Rich, Caleb (1750-1821)

Rush, Benjamin (1745-1813)

Scott, Clinton Lee

Seaburg, Carl

Shinn, Quillen (1845-1907)

Skinner, Clarence (1881-1949)

Soule, Caroline

Spear, John Murray

Spoerl, Dorothy

Starr King, Thomas

Streeter, Zebulon

Turner, Edward

John Van Schaick, Jr. (1873-1949)

Vidler, William (1758-1816)

Whittemore, Thomas

Winchester, Elhanon (1751-1797)

Wood, John (1910-1980)

Ziegler, Albert



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