Universalist Avowals, 1790-1961 The Philadelphia Articles of Faith of 1790, the Winchester Profession of 1803, the "Five Principles" of 1899, and the Washington Declaration of 1935.

The Essential Principles of Christian Universalism, in 1878 a group of Universalist ministers in Boston prepared a statement intended to embrace essential principles held in common by Universalists.

TREATISE of the Consanguinity and Affinity Between CHRIST and His CHURCH by James Relly, 1759.

Plain Guide to Universalism by Thomas Whittemore, 1840.

Essential Divine Principles of the Christian Religion For a True Society by Adin Ballou, 1854.

Faith of Universalists from Utica Evangelical Magazine, 1828.

Why Impartial Grace is an Occasion of Reproach by Hosea Ballou, 1866.

The Restitution of All Things by Andrew Jukes, 1867

Universalism: The Prevailing Doctrine of the Christian Church During its First Five Hundred Years by J.W. Hanson.

Why I am a Universalist by P.T. Barnum, 1896.

Universalist Belief in the Spiritual Authority and Leadership of Jesus Christ by Rev. Elmer F. Pember, 1899.

Universalist Belief in the Bible by W.S. Crowe, D.D., 1899.

Short Articles From Various Universalist Newspapers and Magazines:

The Social Implications of Universalism;by Clarence Skinner, 1915.

Universalism, A Philosophy for Living by Clinton Lee Scott, 1946.

The Need of A Unifying Faith by Robert Cummins, 1949.

The Universalist Church in America by Robert Cummins, 1953.

The Question of Merger, September, 1958.

Excluded:The Story of the Federal Council of Churches and the Universalists: by Robert Cummins, 1966.

God is Love by Reverend Richard Trudeau, 2001.

Vintage Pamphlets:


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