THE AUTHOR'S earlier work, A History of Unitarianism: Socinianism and Its Antecedents (Cambridge, 1945) was designed, though no indication was given in the preface or elsewhere, as the first of two volumes on the general subject. The present volume therefore is to be taken as the second or complementary volume of the work, and any cross-references to the former work are given as to Volume 1.

The present book has been written with constant reference to available sources, and the author's obligation to various persons for valued help given still stand; but further acknowledgment is here made to Dr. Alexander Szent-Ivanyi, sometime Suffragan Bishop of the Unitarian Church in Hungary, who has carefully read the manuscript of the section on Transylvania and made sundry valued suggestions; to Dr. Herbert McLachlan, formerly Principal of the Unitarian College, Manchester, who has performed a like service for the chapters of the English section; and to Dr. Henry Wilder Foote for his constant interest and for unnumbered services of kindness in the course of the whole work

I can not take my leave of a subject that has engaged my active inter­est for over forty-five years, and has furnished my chief occupation for the past fifteen years, without giving expression to the profound grati­tude I feel that in spite of great difficulties and many interruptions I have been granted life and strength to carry my task through to completion.

June, 1952


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