This volume is dedicated to Jay Garfield Puterbaugh (1876—1965)—a business leader of national stature; an outstanding and devoted Unitarian layman; one who had an abiding interest in all people, all people; a wise and good man who changed the lives of all he touched. Here is the advice he gave to students:

Nothing in life gives us more pleasure and real satisfaction than worthy achievement. The signpost on the road to Happiness is “Achievement,” and Achievement is the result of honest work well done, responsibilities met, duties performed. This road at times seems long and a little steeper and more difficult than we like, but it is the only road that leads to Happiness. Some people (not wishing to pay the price or to earn the happiness we all desire) try to find a short cut, and, in the beginning, many such roads look promising and attractive; but they grow rough and difficult and the door at the end of such roads is labeled “Disappointment.”


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